Choiza talks about his relationship with Sulli, and his penis nickname

On a recent broadcast of Video Star, Choiza told stories of his music production, the writing process, and surprisingly, the inspiration for his nickname.

Amoeba Culture‘s Dynamic Duo and Rhythm Power recently starred on MBC Every1‘s reality show, Video Star, for their broadcast on February 28. On the show, Choiza offered interesting details about his music and writing process — both which take inspiration from his relationship with Sulli.

“There are good moments and there are bad moments where you fight while you’re in a relationship. I have a lot songs that talk about love and it’s especially true that these memories are engraved in my songs. I give inspiration and my girlfriend gives inspiration, that’s our relationship.”


Previously, Koreans criticised Choiza for his explicit lyrics in “Eat Do It Sleep” and scrutinized its sexual lyrics claiming the lyrics were all about Sulli.

Later on the show, Gaeko, Choiza’s groupmate, revealed that the name Choiza came to be his nickname as well as his stage name because of his penis. “Choi-Za” is short for “Choigang Zazi,” which means “Greatest Penis.”

Choiza later revealed that because of his stage name, he felt embarrassed and overwhelmed whenever he visited saunas. He used to love visiting saunas but ever since the meaning behind his nickname was revealed, people kept trying to catch a peek at his private area.

Naturally, his mother believed the nickname was quite vulgar and was embarrassed by it. He later recounted how his mother disapproved of his nickname.

“My mother scolded me a lot for my nickname and stage name. She’s very embarrassed about it.”


Source: Dispatch, SportChosun