Choreographer Bae Yoon Jung Reveals Goo Hara’s Last Special Gift

It was the perfect gift.

Famous K-Pop choreographer, Bae Yoon Jung, revealed the last gift she received from her close friend, Goo Hara. She uploaded a photo of an artwork created by Goo Hara not too long before her untimely death.

The artwork showed images of vintage beauties and the word BEA, all bordered around with bright yellow and green paint.


Bae Yoon Jung revealed that Goo Hara didn’t sleep in order to finish this for her, and she was only just able to receive it now.

You wanted to draw something just for your unnies

You wanted us to make sure I hang it in my house

It seems like it was only a few days ago that you called me in the middle of the night to show this off to me after spending sleepless nights working on it. Time passes frighteningly fast..

I finally received it

I miss you.. Are you doing well, Hara?

— Bae Yoon Jung


Bae Yoon Jung and Goo Hara have known to be close as they worked closely on her choreographies just a few months before her passing.

Although Goo Hara has passed on, she left a special gift for Bae Yoon Jung to always remember her by. May she rest in peace.