Top Choreographer Lia Kim Opens Up About How Stressful Her Job Is

As a renowned choreographer, Lia Kim shared all the pressures that come with the job!

Lia Kim is a well-known choreographer who’s behind some of the greatest dance routines in K-Pop!

Lia Kim | @liakimhappy/Instagram

From Sunmi‘s “Gashina”… MAMAMOO’s “Hip”…

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…and even TWICE‘s “TT”, she’s created tons of choreographies that took the K-Pop world by storm!

In a recent episode of Breakfast With Tiffany, Lia Kim opened up to Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany about her stress as a top choreographer, and revealed that even with a team of talented dancers, she has it pretty hard!

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We call ourselves a ‘choreography factory’, and I’m the head of that factory. We consider ourselves printing out choreographies. I usually have to work on 5 different choreographies in a week. So I’m almost like this… Because I have to consistently create new things, I sometimes find myself getting on edge…

—Lia Kim

But thankfully, she also revealed that she has her ways to destress, and is able to be healthy both mentally and physically!

| @liakimhappy/Instagram

With how amazing and detailed her choreographies are, it’s easy to see how much hard work she puts into them, and incredible to see the success they garner!

You can watch the episode here!