This Choreography Is So Hard It Took TWICE 2.5 Years To Master

JYP Entertainment’s “basics choreography” may look easy, but it’s more difficult than people may think.

Jeongyeon explained that all JYP trainees had to pass the basic choreography, but a member in TWICE couldn’t.

Chaeyoung confirmed this and added that it took her and Jeongyeon 2.5 years to fully master it!

She explained that the dance was extremely difficult to pass, as they had to get every move perfectly.

“It was really difficult, because our lines are really important. You all know how important our PD thinks our lines are, right?”

— TWICE’s Jungyeon

In another live stream, Momo and Chaeyoung even performed the basic choreography for their viewers.

The dance consisted of multiple hip-hop basics, like the bounce, wave, up-down, and balance shifting.

While the choreography itself is very simple, getting the lines and angles 100% correct can be very challenging.

Check out the JYP Entertainment’s basics choreography here!