Chris Brown To Collaborate With A Popular Asian Artist For 2019

Here are all the details of the upcoming collaboration:

Reports state that popular American artist Chris Brown has been confirmed for a collaboration with a popular Asian artist. The collaboration will be a special event orchestrated by Contents Deal, a company that seeks to create a new distribution format among the contents industry.

Chris Brown agreed to a special collaboration under Contents Deal, and is working towards releasing the special recording in 2019. As to who he will be collaborating with has not been announced yet, but reports claim that it is an idol group that is popular in both Korea and China.

Contents Deal announced that Chris Brown is only the beginning of a long line of collaboration deals between famous artists from overseas and K-Pop artists.

“Not only has Chris Brown agreed to a collaboration, but also many other famous artists from overseas are in the process of negotiations or have signed and are in the final stages of negotiations.

In January of next year, we will show various contents that implement our full-scale service.”

— Content Deal

Source: eDaily