Chris Brown Uploads NCT Dance Video On His Instagram, No Context

Chris Brown is a fan of NCT?!

Chris Brown has posted a video of NCT’s dance practice video on his Instagram! However, there were no hashtags or explanation that went along with the post.


So choreographer RIEHATA went ahead and tagged NCT in the comments. This famous choreographer choreographed NCT’s “BOSS” and “Baby Don’t Stop”.

RIEHATA works with many other famous stars including Lady Gaga, BTS, TWICE and even Chris Brown!


Fans were surprised, excited, and proud to hear the news for its indication that NCT is gaining more recognition from global stars!

  • “Amazing! I’m so proud…”
  • “This can’t be!”
  • “What!!!!!”
  • “I can’t believe…”


NCT’s Jaehyun mentioned on a radio broadcasting that even the NCT members were freaking out in their group chat after they saw the post.


Here’s to another achievement of NCT, a bonus clip of their impressive dance skills!