Chrome Entertainment successfully holds a fan signing event with all artists

On December 20th, Chrome Entertainment held a group fan signing event to celebrate the release of their family album, “Love Christmas.”

The event featured all of the members of the Chrome Family, which includes groups Crayon Pop, Bob Girls, K-MUCH, and Zan-Zan. The special event took place at the CGV Sinchon Artreon in Seoul, where 100 people out of those who purchased the Chrome Family Christmas album were selected to participate in the fan signing. Participants included fans from all over the world, and included those from countries such as the United States, Japan, and Brazil, in addition to South Korean fans.

The atmosphere at the event was very friendly and harmonious, as the label mates and fans got along very well and everything ran smoothly. Despite the cold weather, fans attended the event in bright spirits, and the Chrome Entertainment artists thanked them for their overwhelming support.

Source: Star News

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