Chung Ha Just Sang And Danced To A Piano Version Of “Gotta Go”

It was completely impromptu as well!

Chung Ha and South Korean-British painist Yiruma just collaborated on something that we thought we would never see–a piano rendition of Chung Ha’s hit song, “Gotta Go”.

Chung Ha and Yiruma were guests on the show Everyone’s Kitchen, when one of the hosts, Kang Ho Dong, asked if Yiruma could play one of Chung Ha’s songs.

South Korean-British pianist Yiruma

Yiruma was quick to agree, saying that his daughter was a big fan of Chung Ha’s, and suggested “Gotta Go”. Yiruma then asked Chung Ha to sing along to bring the piano tunes to life.

Chung Ha began by singing along, but as the song reached its chorus, she burst into her signature dance moves.

The hosts were definitely as expected as we were. Check out the full performance below.