Chungha Appointed As An Honorary Ambassador For KXO 3X3 Basketball League

Chungha will be working with KXO to share and collaborate content:

Chungha (also known as CHUNG HA) has been appointed as an honorary ambassador for KXO (Korea 3X3 Basketball League).

A few days ago, reports were made that Chungha had been chosen as an ambassador for the basketball league.

Following the news, on June 24, a special ceremony took place to officially welcome Chungha as the new ambassador for the league. KXO’s chairman Kim Tae Woo and vice-chairman Han Hun Sik shared their thanks to Chungha for becoming their honorary ambassador and expressed their hopes for a successful year not only for KXO but for Chungha as well.

As an ambassador for KXO, Chungha will be working with the league to share and collaborate on content both online and offline. And during the event, she expressed how she feels about taking the position saying, “Thank you for inviting me to take such a wonderful position. I am honored to be able to promote Korean 3X3 basketball with KXO.”

Chungha, meanwhile, will be acting as an ambassador for KXO through December 31.

Source: SpotTV and News1