Chungha Apologizes And Assures Fans She’s Okay And Promises To Return Healthier Than Before

She told fans not to worry.

Singer Chungha was recently tested and confirmed positive for COVID-19.

She was being tested after being in contact with a confirmed patient, and her results came out positive. Knowing her fans would be worried, she left a post through her fan cafe.

| screenshot from @gimmesseom/Twitter

Title: I’m so sorry don’t worry!
Our Byulharangs, I am writing this post because you might be too worried if you don’t hear from me. I am so sorry, really sorry. I tried to be careful, but I guess that still wasn’t enough. I also got the sudden news today and that’s how I found out. I will come back and show you a healthier side of me through my promotions! Our Byulharangs need to be extra careful too! Don’t worry too much and let’s meet each other soon! I am sorry once again!

⁠— Chungha

Chungha was originally supposed to release her first full album Querencia, but it will be pushed back until she recovers from COVID-19.

| @88rising/Twitter

We hope you get well soon Chungha!