Chungha Seemingly Calls Out Her Company MNH Entertainment During Recent Live Broadcast

Netizens think Chungha deserves better treatment!

Being a K-Pop idol is one of the hardest things in the world, and, despite the glitz and glamor, more idols are being open about the hardships they’ve suffered. One person who has been through so much is soloist Chungha.

K-Pop soloist Chungha | @chungha_official/Instagram

Over the years, Chungha has shined in her performances, whether it was as a member of I.O.I or after debuting as a soloist. Netizens have never had enough praise for the artist in everything she does.


Yet, in a recent live broadcast, netizens noticed that the soloist seemed to be calling out her company MNH Entertainment.

After her performance in Australia for HallyuPopFest, the idol went live with fans and chatted to them about the show, her career, and much more. In particular, Chunga spoke about her latest album Bare&Rare. The album was announced to be released in two parts, with the first part shared with fans back in July.

However, according to Chunga, the second part of the album being released was postponed due to issues with her company.

But it got delayed, it got postponed. Do not ask me, my company knows. Due to my company’s condition again, it got postponed.

— Chungha

According to Chunga, the second part was meant to have been released before her performance so that she could perform the songs in front of the Australian fans.

So, the plan was actually to do a lot of songs included in Rare because I thought the whole album was going to be out by then. But then I couldn’t because the album got postponed a lot. More than I even thought, so things got, it was all just sad.

— Chungha

Another clip showed Chungha getting frustrated with the staff while she was doing a fancall event with fans. According to the idol, a fan asked Chungha if she had any selfies from her comeback period, and it shocked the idol that they hadn’t been released.

I was like, ‘I took a load of selfies.’ I kind of got mad.

— Chungha

In particular, one clip from that broadcast got a lot of attention, and although Chungha seemed to be speaking with a joking tone, it seemingly showcased the idol’s discontent with the company.

A fan asked Chungha about the possibility of a world tour, and a lot of netizens would love to see the idol perform, and it seems like she feels the same.

It’s on my bucket list, I want to do it too. Why aren’t you letting me do it, MNH?

— Chungha

Later, a fan must’ve said something along the lines of asking Chungha why she isn’t leaving the company.

Although she laughed, the way she replied, “I want to leave, please let me go,” seems to show she is having issues with the company. Even the “I take that back” after speaking about it made netizens wary.

For many netizens, it was refreshing to see Chungha being so open about the company but it also had many worried. Chungha has been with her agency for a while, and they worry that the company isn’t treating her properly and allowing her to succeed as much as she could.

With so much pressure in the industry, it is assuring to know that idols are feeling more comfortable speaking out about their issues. Whether Chungha’s words will make her company take action or not will depend on their desire to listen to the idol and help her grow.

Source: @chanyeonjunnie, @queenchungha and @queenchungha