Chungha Can’t Believe She Won And Her Fans Can’t Believe Her Cutest Reaction

She’s super precious and now the world knows.

Chungha is sweeping the music charts with her snapping new song, “Snapping”. And Chungha fans know she well deserves all her victories with such a bop – but Chungha was so unsuspecting and caught completely off guard at Music Bank.


On Music Bank‘s July 5, 2019 episode, when her name is called as the week’s #1 winner, Chungha reacted in the most adorable way her fans have ever seen. She was spotted being 100% vulnerable to what was about to happen to her…


… and soon the monitors revealed her as the final winner. Her eyes immediately enlarged, like they were ready to pop out in total surprise!


Chungha quickly snapped out of it to say her thanks…


… but the belated fireworks weren’t going to let her off that easy. Once the confetti popped, Chungha let out the UWU-est scream into the microphone and the clip has her fans rolling on the floor laughing.


Her smol lil “Gaaah!” is now the cutest reminder to her fans that Chungha is a softie that needs to be protected at all times. She shortly gained back her professional face and thanked her agency, staff, and fans for supporting her take this win!


Watch her precious reaction to her own win here:

Source: THEQOO