Chung Ha’s “Stay Tonight” Concept Receives Mixed Reactions From Fans

Some fans feel that the concept falls under cultural appropriation.

On April 20, Chung Ha released new concept photos and a teaser clip for her upcoming single, “Stay Tonight.”

Chung Ha’s styling is believed to have been inspired by Indian culture, and fan reactions to it have been mixed so far. Some fans are loving the look and take no issue with it, but others claim it falls under the umbrella of cultural appropriation.

Although these fans don’t approve of the concept, they want other fans to know that they are not “cancelling” Chung Ha over it. Rather, they are seeking to educate Chung Ha, and others, about why they feel the images are problematic.

Fans who are unoffended by Chung Ha’s concept are reminding others to respect the opinions of those who are offended, as it is a deeply sensitive topic.

Rather than arguing among themself, these fans are encouraging their fandom to contact Chung Ha and her agency so that similar situations can be avoided in the future.

Chung Ha’s “Stay Tonight” will be pre-released on April 27, at 6 PM (KST). Watch the concept teaser here: