Chungha Explains The Personal Meaning Behind The Title Of Her New Album “Bare&Rare Pt.1”

“Fans have been waiting for a personal album…”

In recent years, solo divas have become a rarity in K-Pop.

It wasn’t always like that.

In fact, K-Pop was once dominated by solo singers.

Uhm Jung Hwa was once the hottest act in K-Pop.

Lee Hyo Ri then inherited the throne and took K-Pop to new heights.

Son Dambi was thought to be the next queen, but her reign was ultimately short-lived.

Since then, Sunmi and HyunA have kept K-Pop’s once-proud diva legacy alive.

Many K-Pop fans wondered who would be next to carry the torch.

Then, in 2017 on Mnet‘s audition program called Produce 101, K-Pop fans were introduced to the future.

K-Pop fans could tell the singer was special right away.

Fast forward to 2022, and Chungha has established herself as this generation’s preeminent diva.

The singer has hit records like “Roller Coaster” and the addicting “Snapping.”

On July 11, the singer released her 2nd studio album Bare&Rare Pt.1.

Chungha | MNH Entertainment

Chungha held a press conference to speak about her upcoming 2nd album Bare&Rare Pt.1.

On July 11, the artist spoke with members of the press in the Hannam district of Yongsan, Seoul.

The artist spoke on how this album is different from her past efforts.

I have never spoken about my personal life in my music. Fans have been waiting for a personal album, and this is it.

— Chungha

Chungha stated how it felt making a much more personal album than her past albums.

Before, the lyrics were written for me, and the performances were choreographed for me, but this time I felt naked.

— Chungha

The artist stated the reasons for naming her album Bare&Rare Pt.1.

I felt like I’d thrown off my bulletproof vest. I realized I’ve only shown my glamorous side, with sparkly makeup and dressed-up. This time I wanted to take it all off, so I named it ‘Bare’. In Part 2, I added a song that I thought I would never get to do. Therefore, I added ‘Rare’.

— Chungha

Anticipation for the singer’s latest efforts is high. The track will feature its title track, “Sparkling,” along with eight other tracks. Check out the MV for the song in the link below!



Source: Wikitree