Chungha Reveals What A Fortune Teller’s Predictions For Her Love Life Are In 2021

“If someone really great shows up and moves your heart…”

Chungha revealed what fate has in store for her love life this 2021!

To ring in the new year properly, Chungha went to tarot card reader Chaeyeon to find out her fortune for the year. She was prepared with tons of questions, from her personal to her professional life!

One of the questions she asked was about her love life, and when the fortune teller asked if she’d had flings over the last year, Chungha replied by telling her she was too busy for any of that!

I had no time for a fling whatsoever!


They soon got to reading the cards concerning her love life, and Chungha hilariously revealed that it was this bit of information that made her the most nervous, even though she’s not looking to date anybody currently!

I’m nervous! This makes me more nervous than the other ones. But the thing is…I’m not really looking for someone to date right now.


As soon as the chosen cards were flipped over, Chaeyeon revealed what will happen in Chungha’s romance life in 2021!

This shows whether you want to date or not. If someone really great shows up and moves your heart, then you can make it work. And if that person can help you with your work, then more so, yes.


She then further revealed the kind of person Chungha is in her relationships, and how that could be detrimental to her romantic life!

You actually have a lot on your mind when you are in a relationship. You are busy thinking of people around you. On this card, you got someone who thinks a lot. A grandmother. The person who is into you is burning with love. But you’re like,

“I’ll think about it. I gotta think about this a bit.”


Chaeyeon then elaborated on what her love life looks like in the new year!

You’re going to keep having people who have a crush on you. But even if you know that, it’s better to act like you don’t notice it. You should keep being the love of many.


Chungha then cutely reaffirmed her love for her beloved fans!

I’ll be the lover for all Byulharangs [Chungha’s fandom name]!


Here’s to Chungha having a great 2021, amorous or otherwise!

Chungha is set to release her first full-length album titled Querencia on February 15. She also recently released a pre-release single titled “X” on January 19.

You can watch the prediction on Chungha’s love life here, from the 5:04 mark onwards!