Chungha Reveals A Spoiler For Her New Song And Fans Are Shocked

That’s a good spoiler!

On January 13, 2021, talented K-Pop soloist Chungha gave a speech for her Digital Song of the Year Award from September’s 10th Gaon Chart Music Awards. Chungha won the award for her popular song “Bad Boy,” which was a duet with Danish singer Christopher.

Grateful for the award, Chunga gave a lovely acceptance speech:

I received the album production award last year, so I am filled with good memories towards this award ceremony. This time, I didn’t sing the song by myself, I sang the song with Christopher. Once again, thank you to the MNH family and the members of Warner Music for making this opportunity.  I want to dedicate this award to the listeners who gave a lot of love and support to the song ‘Bad Boy.’

— Chungha

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When asked if she could reveal anything about her new song, Chungha actually shared a huge spoiler about the song’s performance.

There is no dance to the new song. It consists only of good lyrics and musical instruments.

— Chungha

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This is quite shocking as Chungha, besides her gorgeous visual and amazing vocals, is known for her incredible dancing.

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Before her debut as a soloist, Chunga was a contestant on Mnet‘s Produce 101. Chungha stole the hearts of several viewers as she impressed everyone with her great dancing skills.

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After her success on the survival show, Chungha debuted in I.O.I. Once I.O.I’s promotions ended, she started her career as a solo artist. Since then, Chungha has proven she is an amazing dancer by executing each choreography flawlessly.

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With that said, many fans are shocked by Chungha’s spoiler and are curious to see the performance.

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Whether she has choreography or not, we know anything Chungha does will be amazing!

Check out her acceptance speech below:

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