Chungha Hospitalized After Being Diagnosed With Symptoms Of Enteritis

She was rushed to the hospital after experiencing stomach pains.

Chungha was rushed to the hospital after her stomach pains got worse over a couple of days. Her agency cancelled her schedules for the day and awaited her test results.

“Chungha had abdominal pains since yesterday. Her condition wasn’t well today, so she was admitted to the hospital.”

— MNH Entertainment

After running tests, she was diagnosed with symptoms of Enteritis, the inflammation of the intestines. The doctors have directed her to receive treatments while hospitalized.

Her agency cancelled the rest of her schedules and vowed to focus on her treatments as their only priority. Her activities will be adjusted after her recovery.

“Chungha was diagnosed with symptoms of inflammation in her intestines. She’ll be requiring treatments from the hospital, so we’re going to be only focusing on her treatments as of now.”

— MNH Entertainment

Best wishes for Chungha’s speedy recovery!

Source: TV Report and Xportsnews
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