Chungha Reveals That She And I.O.I Members Are Still As Tight As Ever

“We’re inseparable. We’re family.”

Chungha revealed her affection for the I.O.I members on a recent radio broadcast, confessing her gratitude towards her fellow members.


On January 4, Chungha guested on the radio program, Lee Suzy’s Gayo Square, and introduced a song that held great memories for the singer.


The first song she chose was I.O.I’s “Downpour”, which she hoped to be able to sing with all 11 members once again.

“I hope all 11 of us can get together and sing this song with a joyful heart, reminiscing of the days when we strived to achieve our dreams together.”

ㅡ Chungha


Chungha continued to confess that without I.O.I, she would not be here today and expressed her gratitude towards the members and I.O.I fans.

“If it wasn’t for I.O.I, I would not be here today. I am really thankful for them. I also want to thank fans who continue to remember I.O.I.”

ㅡ Chungha


In regards to her current relationship with the I.O.I members, Chungha stated that they continue to contact each other every day, firmly supporting each other on their individual activities.

“I speak to them every day. They’re my strongest support system. I let many of them listen to my new song beforehand and they said they wished it would come out faster and that they were nervous for me. We’re inseparable. We’re family.”

ㅡ Chungha


Chungha debuted as a member of the now disbanded group, I.O.I, in 2016. I.O.I was created through the survival program, Produce 101, and consisted of the top 11 finalists.


After I.O.I disbanded in January 2017, Chungha continued promotions as a solo artist and has since achieved incredible success, having even paid off her family debt recently.

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Despite the success she achieved, Chungha continues to stay true to her roots and has shown that she hasn’t forgotten how she got to where she is at!

Source: Osen