Chungha Reveals Her Honest Thoughts on I.O.I’s Reunion

She also opened up about what her fellow I.O.I members mean to her.

Chungha recently spoke in an interview with TBS’s Fact iN Star where she opened up about her feelings about I.O.I‘s reunion as well as what her fellow I.O.I members mean to her.

Chungha started off by drawing a depiction of her brain and added a portion that represented her fellow I.O.I members.

She explained, “They can never be left out. They’re friends I will never forget.

Chungha also added, “They were on the journey with me as I reached my fourth album. They’re also the ones who cheered me on the most.

According to Chungha, they even did the countdown together ahead of the release of her new song and sent her screenshots of what they were seeing at the time.

She confessed, “I’m really thankful to them. I feel happy that they’re around. When I went on music programs, I’d see some of them working as hosts.

Regarding I.O.I’s reunion, Chungha expressed, “Were you surprised? I couldn’t tell you earlier, so this is how you all had to hear the news. But to be honest, I’ve been waiting for this reunion. We’re unfortunately only coming back as 9 members, but this kind of opportunity is rare.

She continued, “A lot of work goes into getting 11 members back together, so I wonder when they’ll plan that for us. We wanted to keep our promise with our fans. Please wait for us and cheer us on.

Source: Dispatch