Chungha’s New Instagram Account Sparks Jay Park “More Vision” Rumors

“Woah, I’m so f@cking happy for her!

Chungha has opened a new Instagram account.


On October 10, a post titled “Chungha Opened A New Instagram Account” quickly garnered views.

In the post, a netizen posted pictures of Chungha posted from an account named @morechunghaplz.

The author of the post pointed out that Chungha’s Instagram handle might be proof that the singer has joined Jay Park‘s label, More Vision. Notably, Jay Park’s handle is @moresojuplease.

Jay Park | AOMG

The post follows several months of speculation over Chungha’s next landing place after she left her previous label, MNH Entertainment.

Netizens congratulated Chungha on her alleged new home and stated how happy they were to see her.

  • “Wow, release a comeback!”
  • “Omg! Chungha!”
  • “More Vision!!! Make some noise!”
  • “Chungha, hurry up and come back.”
  • “Woah, I’m so f@cking happy for her!!! Congrats!”
  • “She matches More Vision well.”
  • “Woah, More Vision!”
  • “I’ve been waiting!!!”

More Vision has yet to make an official announcement. Stay tuned for updates.

Source: theqoo