Chungha Officially Released From Quarantine, Stopping All Activities To Focus On Safety And Health

Safety and health first!

Singer Chungha’s COVID-19 quarantine period has officially been lifted.

According to her agency MNH Entertainment, “Chungha has officially been released from quarantine as of December 18.”

After being tested positive for COVID-19, Chungha spent 11 days (from December 7 to December 18) at the Life Therapy Center to focus on treatment. According to the guidelines of the health authorities, confirmed cases must be held in quarantine for 10 days while asymptomatic cases must be held for 11 days.

As Chungha was informed to be the latter, she was released from the center after 11 days. They have found her case to have ‘no power of spreading’ and released her to go home.

MNH decided to that because the COVID-19 situation getting worse, they would be stopping all of Chungha’s activities for the time being and focus on her safety and health.

Below is the official statement:

Hello this is MNH Entertainment. We are here to inform you that Chungha has been released from COVID-19 quarantine as of December 18. After being confirmed positive on December 7, she has stayed at the Life Therapy Center for 11 days to receive treatment. Confirmed patients must be quarantined for 10 days, while asymptomatic patients must be quarantined for 11 days.

Chungha, being the latter, stayed at the facility for 11 days before being released on December 18 after being informed that she no longer had the ‘power to spread’ and returned home. With the COVID-19 getting worse, Chungha will be stopping all official activities for the time being and focus on her safety and health. Going forward, we will continue to follow all official guidelines and put our artists and staffs’ health as our utmost priority. We apologize for causing concern and will return with a healthier image.

Previously, Chungha was in contact with a confirmed patient and took a test that resulted in a positive case for COVID-19.

Source: mk sports