Chungha And ONEUS Will Be Unable To Perform At KCON LA Due To Visa Issues

KCON just revealed the unfortunate news.

Chungha and ONEUS will be unable to perform at 2019 KCON LA due to some unexpected visa issues.


On August 15, KCON USA announced that ONEUS would be unable to take part in the KCON ROOKIES event due to unexpected visa issues.


Unfortunately, those visa issues have continued. On August 16, KCON USA announced that both Chungha and ONEUS would be unable to attend 2019 KCON LA due to some unexpected visa issues.


They revealed that they had done everything they could to resolve the issue to bring both of them to the stage, but ultimately the unforeseen problem was not able to be resolved in time. They apologized to fans and promised to do their best to make sure everyone’s KCON experience remains enjoyable despite the unfortunate news.


Although fans are disappointed by the news, they’ve been understanding of KCON’s position and sincerely hope that problems like this one won’t happen again in the future. Meanwhile, 2019 KCON LA is being held from August 15 to August 18 at the Staples Center and the Los Angeles Convention Center.