Chungha Reveals Why She Decided To Participate As A Contestant On “Produce 101”

She opened up about her “Produce 101” days!

Chungha shared her reasons for appearing on Produce 101 in 2015!

On the latest episode of Jessi’s Showterview, Chungha was a guest on the show, where she had a blast with Jessi!

Back in 2015, Chungha appeared on the first season of Produce 101 as an MNH Entertainment trainee, and after finishing in 4th place, secured a spot in the debut lineup of I.O.I!

As the questions centered around both her personal and professional life, Jessi asked Chungha about the reason she decided to appear as a participant on Produce 101 in the first place!

What made you participate in Produce 101?


Chungha revealed that at first, she was extremely daunted by the prospect of competing against 100 other trainees, and was extremely underconfident about whether or not she would make it!

At first, when I heard the number “101” contestants…wow. The dense group pic was unfamiliar back in the day. I’m not confident with competing with the others.


She then shared that even if she wasn’t confident, she felt that she had to compete to do justice to all the years that she put into training as an idol!

I said that I’m not confident. It was such a shame to waste all the times I’ve been training. So I thought, “I’ll just test myself.” Without considering that I’ll be selected for the final unit, I thought,

“This is a competition against myself, not the 101 contestants.”


Chungha then wrapped up her answer by stating that she didn’t want to leave behind any regrets without first doing everything in her power!

In terms of not leaving any regrets behind, I jumped into the project.


And taking a chance paid off! Chungha is now an incredibly successful soloist, leaving behind some great bops as her legacy!

Chungha released a pre-release single titled “X”, and is slated to make a comeback with her first full album titled Querencia and accompanying title track “Bicycle” on February 15.

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