Chungha’s “Querencia” Album Chosen For Billboard’s “50 Best Albums of 2021 So Far: Staff Picks”

What a queen.

Solo artist Chungha’s first studio album, Querencia, has been chosen as of one Billboard’s 50 Best Albums of 2021 So Far : Staff Picks.

Billboard staff writer Nolan Feeney revealed that “You know an album is good when even the interludes slap.” They were also impressed with her wide-range of music styles and vocals.

You know an album is good when even the interludes slap. The K-pop star’s debut album is an ambitious undertaking on all levels: 21 tracks divided into four thematic chapters, spanning EDM workouts (‘Stay the Night’), rock-tinged ballads (‘X’) and an impressive suite of Latin-inspired numbers (including the standout Guaynaa team-up ‘Demente’) delivered in Korean, English and Spanish. But there’s a slinky sophistication that brings Querencia’s cosmopolitan sounds together, and Chung Ha‘s chameleonic (but always distinctive) voice more than earns the record’s run time.

— Nolan Feeney

On the other hand, Chungha recently released a remake version of “My Lips Like Warm Coffee” with Colde and have been ranking high on the charts.

Source: wowtv