Chungha Dives Deep Into Her Thoughts Of Her Time With COVID-19

She’s a tough idol!

As many are aware, talented K-Pop sensation Chungha tested positive for COVID-19 Back in December of last year. While she has now fully recovered, Chungha looked back at her time in her recent interview with W Korea.

Q: In December of last year, there was an article stating that you are a confirmed COVID-19. Anyone who doesn’t know Chungha would have been surprised. When you first heard the news, it must have been a lot of embarrassment, and it wasn’t that you were sick or had any symptoms.

It might sound weird, but it was very calm. I was just worried. The people I met, the places where I would be damaged, the numerous contacts our company would receive, and my mom… First of all, I called the friends I met just before. ‘Chaeyeon. Mina. Guys. You guys wake up quickly, I think you should go to the hospital. I’m so sorry. I didn’t know.’ The reaction of the friends was ‘Unnie, we’re okay. But are you okay?’ But I really had no symptoms (laughs). I felt like I was dreaming a little bit. Thank you for coming by without my pain.

— Chungha

Next, Chungha Revealed how long she had to stay in recovery before she got back to work.

Q: How long did you stay until you came out after being diagnosed with a cure at the COVID-19 Quarantine Facility?

Was it about 12 days? It was a room for two. I first talked too much to the person I was sharing with (laughs). ‘What would you like to have?’ ‘Would you like to eat this?’

— Chungha

You can’t help but wonder what a usually active and busy idol like Chungha did in quarantine, but she seemed to spend her time well.

How did you spend your time?

I thought it would be best to go through time without thinking, so I stayed without much thought. After reading a book, if my eyes were tired, I closed my eyes, ate, and if I didn’t want to eat, I was cleaning the room and the day went by. Then he said, ‘Ah, the day went well again.’ If you keep lying down and your back hurts, change your posture a little (laughs). There wasn’t much that could be done in a small room.

— Chungha

Chungha then discussed if she had any resentment towards catching COVID-19 and how she dealt with it.

At first, ‘Why me!’ I felt wronged, but I am the type that it disappears in 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, you say, ‘Yeah, what can I do.’

— Chungha

Q: Fortunately, it passed without pain and it is a word of caution, but it may have been a precious time that came to you who lived busy. What if you think about it now?

After leaving the COVID-19 Quarantine Facility, I spent some time in self-quarantine at home. Even if I was okay, I thought other people would be more anxious. I liked the time I spent at home rather than the center. No one was sick because of me, I didn’t get sick, and most of my personal problems were solved well. Now, while praying, I thought that it would be okay to greet 2021 well. During my stay at home, I felt a lot of sorry for my dog. I was wondering if I could make a good eye contact with Bambi after a while.

— Chungha

Thankfully, Chungha is all recovered now and is currently promoting her new song “Bicycle.”

Source: W Korea