TWICE’s Sana And Cosmic Girls’ Yeonjung Reportedly Gathered For Dinner Recently With Chungha … Cosmic Girls Under Testing

Praying for negative results.

It was previously reported that soloist Chungha was confirmed for the virus. Later on, news that TWICE‘s Sana had come into contact with her was released, confirming that all members and staff have been sent for the relevant tests. It was later revealed that Sana had reportedly met with Chungha and Cosmic GirlsYeonjung for dinner on 4 December 2020.

Starship Entertainment confirmed through an official statement to the press that Yeonjung had come into contact with a confirmed patient (Chungha) and has been sent for testing on 7 December 2020. At the direction of health authorities, she is currently undergoing self-quarantine. The other staff and members have also been tested as a preventive measure.

Starship Entertainment apologizes for worrying the public and the results will be announced as soon as it is released. Stay tuned for updates.

Source: Star Today and Newsclaim