LOONA’s Chuu Admits She Is Struggling With An Eating Disorder

Fans are praising the idol for bringing awareness.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of dieting, body image issues, or eating disorders that may trigger some readers.

LOONA member Chuu, who is known for her bright smile, positive energy, and bubbly personality, shocked fans when she recently confessed her struggles with an eating disorder.

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In a preview for an upcoming episode of Dr. Oh’s Golden Clinic, Chuu appears as a guest. The trailer of the episode starts with the idol’s signature smile, but Chuu soon reveals the hurt behind her smile.

Chuu then talks about an eating disorder she has been struggling with, stating she has even been admitted to the hospital due to it.

I eat until I can’t breathe anymore. When I am stressed out, I do this. I eat until I throw up. I’ve been to the emergency room because my body stiffed up.

— Chuu

Dr. Oh Eun Young then tells Chuu that she might be doing this to deliberately hurt herself. Chuu then explains some of her fears and what stresses her out.

I feel like I can’t let anyone find out that I am hurting. Am I not thankful? What am I?

— Chuu

Dr. Oh Eun Young then suggests what might be at the root of Chuu’s fears, to which Chuu is seen crying after hearing.

I think you have a fear that all will be lost if you let down your mask.

— Dr. Oh Eun Young

Fans showed their support for the idol in the comments and thanked her for sharing her struggles.

  • “Whether you’re happy or sad, you are you. I hope you know that we love you for exactly who you are.”
  • “How can someone always smile? I can only imagine how hard it was for her. I hope she finds her happiness.”
  • “Don’t cry~ we love you for you, no matter what.”
  • “My heart hurts… I think it was a good decision she came out on the show… I root for you, and I love you. When I am struggling, watching your bright and positive personality helps me a lot. I hope as much as you helped others, you receive happiness tenfolds.”
  • “When I am stressed, I have a similar eating disorder, so I am looking forward to this episode a lot. Thank you, Chuu, for bringing awareness to this issue. :)”
  • “I hope you are always happy. It is okay to let us know when you are struggling and cry if you feel like crying, so let’s just be happy.”

The trailer for the episode is viewable by clicking on the link below.

Source: Chosun
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