“What Is She Doing On The Subway?” Chuu Goes Viral After Past Photo Resurfaces

“She’s the cutest living being that I know.”

A past photo of Chuu on the subway is going viral.

Chuu | DongA Ilbo

Recently a photo of Chuu on the subway was uploaded to an online community. In the photo, Chuu can be seen seated between people. She can also be seen smiling and even laughing while holding a handheld device, which has since been revealed to be a Nintendo game console.

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The photo quickly went viral since it is very rare to see a celebrity as famous as her on the subway and even rarer for the said celebrity to be playing a video game without a care in the world.

According to reports, netizens’ reactions to the photo were overwhelmingly positive.

  • “She looks so happy playing the game.”
  • “Her expression and the timing (of when the photo was taken) is perfect.”
  • “She’s the cutest living being that I know.”
  • “Her laugh is so pure and innocent.”
  • “She was born to be a celebrity.”
  • “Watching her makes me happy.”

According to reports, the photo was taken in 2018. Two years later, Chuu spoke about the picture in a 2020 YouTube clip. According to Chuu, the picture was taken on the first Lunar New Year holiday since her debut.

It was the first Lunar New Year Holiday since my debut. The members and I had packed our bags and were on our way down to Chung Joo. On the other opposite bench were my members. I am not sure who took the photo.

— Chuu

When asked what game she was playing, the idol answered sheepishly.

I was playing Animal Crossing with the Nintendo that HaSeul unnie let me borrow  so that I could have a good Lunar New Year. I was very good at Pokemon.

— Chuu

Meanwhile, Chuu recently signed with label ATRP after leaving Blockberry Creative. 



Source: wikitree
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