Cignature’s Sunn And YeAh Open Personal Instagram Accounts Amidst Unofficial Hiatus Speculations

Fans are demanding a statement from the company.

Cignature‘s main rapper, Sunn, and main vocalist, YeAh, have recently opened personal Instagram accounts after having been inactive for months.

YeAh (left) and Sunn (right). | @cignature_j9/Instagram

Up until earlier this year, both of the members had been active on the group’s social media accounts, posting on both Twitter and Instagram.

Sunn’s last social media post was on their Instagram account on March 17.

YeAh’s last social media post was a bit earlier, posted on their Twitter on February 9.

YeAh’s personal Instagram account’s first post dates to March 18 and she has been updating it regularly, while Sunn’s was started on April 17 and does not have any posts yet (@yellow_jihana).

The members have not been seen with the rest of the group since their live broadcast for Sunn’s birthday on February 7.

Fans are finding it odd that they have not been active on the group’s official social media platforms, despite YeAh’s activity on her personal Instagram. The other members of the group have continued to post and that there has been no statement from their company, J9 Entertainment, regarding YeAh and Sunn’s involvement with the group.

Another reason why fans are concerned is because both Sunn and YeAh were members of the now-disbanded group Good Day, and both went on an unofficial hiatus–and opened Instagram accounts–prior to disbandment.

Fans have started mass-email campaigns to demand a statement to provide some clarity on the situation, and a tweet thread explaining the situation, made by user @sunnloop, has garnered over a thousand likes and retweets.

Hopefully, J9 Entertainment will provide Cignature’s fans with some clarity.

YeAh (left) and Sunn (right). | @cignature_j9/Instagram

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