Netizens Discover Yet Another Similarity Between SHINee’s Taemin And Actor Cillian Murphy

It’s not just about looks!

For years, there has been online discourse regarding SHINee‘s Taemin and Irish actor Cillian Murphy.

SHINee's Taemin
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Cillian Murphy
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Cillian Murphy has been active in the entertainment industry since 1996 (just three years after Taemin was born). While he is Irish, he is a famous Hollywood actor, starring in notable blockbuster films, including 28 Days Later, The Dark Knight trilogy, and most recently, the critically acclaimed film Oppenheimer.  

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Netizens have long believed that Cillian Murphy and SHINee’s Taemin share a resemblance, often sharing photos as evidence. Some have found tweets that date back to 2011! Although they aren’t of the same race or ethnicity, the two do share similar traits, including head shapes, lips, and eye shapes.

Now, netizens have discovered yet another similarity.

Cillian Murphy was recently spotted at an airport as he was attending a film screening. He appeared to be rummaging through his bag in the photos, looking for something.

As the photos circulated, K-Pop fans saw them. They couldn’t help but think it was giving the same energy as the photos captured of idols at the airport upon their arrival for schedules.

Yet, one thing immediately came to mind for Shawols: Taemin.


Taemin lost his passport while traveling over a decade ago. And he did so again just a couple of days ago… or so he thought.

So, when the photos of Cillian Murphy and Taemin dropped within just a day of each other, it felt like an unbelievable coincidence. Everything about it was so similar as they were both captured searching their large bags desperately.

Even Taemin is aware of the online discourse concerning him and Cillian Murphy!

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