Netizens Show Concern About The Huge Age Gap Between An Upcoming Romance Drama’s Male And Female Leads

This is one of the larger age gaps to happened between actors.

On August 25, the casting for the upcoming drama Cinderella At 2AM was announced. Cinderella at 2AM is adapted from the webtoon of the same name and is about a woman who discovers her lover’s family is wealthy.

The woman receives money in exchange for breaking up with him, but he continues to pursue her.

As with many webtoons being adapted into dramas, the casting is something that many look forward to finding out. The handsome and charming Moon Sang Min was announced to play the male lead.

Moon Sang Min made his acting debut in 2019 but gained wider recognition for his role in Under The Queen’s Umbrella.

Moon Sang Min| @_sangmxn_/Instagram
| @_sangmxn_/Instagram

The lead actress filling in the female lead’s role was announced to be Shin Hyun Been, who recently starred in JTBC‘s fantasy revenge program, Reborn Rich.

Shin Hyun Been | @hyunbeenshin/Instagram
| @hyunbeenshin/Instagram

The casting became a hot topic online after a discussion of their ages, as Shin Hyun Been is 37 years old, and Moon Sang Min is only 23 years old.

[Exclusive] Shin Hyun Bin & Moon Sang Min To Take Lead Roles In “2AM Cinderella (or whatever the official K-Drama title is),” Their First Rom-Com Since Debut…

— Headline

For comparison, in her role in Reborn Rich, Shin Hyun Been’s character was romantically involved with a character played by Song Joong Ki, who is also 37.

Song Joong Ki and Shin Hyun Been at an event for Reborn Rich.

Netizens shared their thoughts on an online forum post discussing their ages. While many felt the age gap was apparent in their visuals, most had mixed feelings about the casting choices affecting the lead character’s chemistry.

| @_sangmxn_/Instagram
| @hyunbeenshin/Instagram


| theqoo
  • Looks like they’re about 10 years apart.Aside from the huge age gap, I think they look good together.
  • The female lead looks her age, but the male lead looks young for his age. Too bad.
  • Is this post supposed to be sarcastic?
  • The male lead looks way too young… So young that it would not be weird for him to be in a school uniform.
  • Does he have to be the male lead? He looks way too young for the role…
  • They look years apart, in my opinion… I also don’t see any real chemistry between them. Maybe that’ll change once the show premieres.
  • She looks like she could be his school teacher.

Age gaps between the real-life actors have happened multiple times and pulled mixed reactions, which you can read more about below.

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