CIX Announces First Japanese Album “Pinky Swear”

This release will include new songs alongside previous singles.

Five-member boy group CIX has just announced the upcoming release of their first Japanese album, Pinky Swear.

Official teaser image for “Pinky Swear” | @CIX_JP_Official/Twitter

The group made their Japanese debut in 2019, just 3 months after their Korean debut. They have released three other Japanese singles since their initial debut, and “Pinky Swear” will be the first full-length Japanese album.

Official teaser image for “Pinky Swear” | @CIX_JP_Official/Twitter

The album will include 10 songs, including previous singles such as “WIN” and “All For You,” and has 3 different versions available for preorder. The album is set to release on March 30th, 2022.

Source: CIX-Official