CIX’s Bae Jinyoung Reveals He Fainted Twice While Promoting With Wanna One

He confessed what happened during their promotion.

CIX appeared on Why Did You Come To Our House, where Bae Jinyoung opened up about the health struggles he faced while promoting with Wanna One.


While CIX and the hosts were sharing a meal, DinDin comically asked why Kim Heechul eats so much instead of taking care of his weight. Kim Heechul replied that after going on excessive diets in his debut days, he’s more worried about health and looking thin.

I don’t have energy if I don’t eat. During Super Junior’s early days, I used to survive while only eating plain tofu. That’s why I worry a lot that other idols will faint.

— Kim Heechul


CIX’s maknae, Hyunsuk, revealed that Bae Jinyoung also fainted after starving too much. During Wanna One’s promotional period, the agency “wanted him to look thin” so Bae Jinyoung “fainted twice due to anemia after not eating anything at all.

Jinyoung explained that he “gets anemic if he doesn’t eat.” He confessed he starved himself because he only focused on becoming a better artist.

I think I get anemic frequently when I don’t eat. At the time, I only thought about improving myself.

— Bae Jinyoung

Now that he’s officially debuted with his forever group, Bae Jinyoung is focusing more on his health. But even still, he confessed that he’s constantly worrying about CIX’s improvement and career.

Source: Donga

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