CIX Members Confused After Bae Jin Young Leaves To Go Meet His “Girlfriend”

Fans and CIX members were confused at Bae Jin Young’s comment.

During a Naver online broadcast on December 14, CIX members were confused after Bae Jin Young made a comment before leaving the room.


Members: Where are you going?

Bae Jin Young: To meet my girlfriend. (closes door)

Members: *Confused looks* Oh that friend! NU’EST’s Minhyun?




Fans were confused as well after this broadcast as to whether Bae Jin Young was joking or being serious.



Luckily, Bae Jin Young revealed later that he met up with Minhyun and ate chicken together, proving that his comment was just a joke (girlfriend a.k.a. Minhyun).


Some fans apparently already knew this was just a joke and that ‘girlfriend’ was indeed Minhyun.


“Yes and that girlfriend is Hwang Minhyun!”




“He met up with Hwang Minhyun and ate chicken!”



“Sigh…why is this such a big deal! He ate chicken with Minhyun!”



C9 Entertainment released an official statement online regarding the false rumors and postings being made about this online broadcast.



Hello, this is C9 Entertainment. We will be taking legal action on all the false and malicious postings that are going around online regarding the members’ comments from their VLIVE in Thailand. We hope that everyone can please be mindful and not spread false rumors. Thank you.


Source: theqoo