CIX And OnlyOneOf Join The “BoredInTheHouse” Challenge And You’ll Absolutely Love Their Creativity

K-Pop idols having fun AND doing good for the community.

American rapper Curtis Roach nominated K-Pop idols to take part in his TikTok “Bored in the House” challenge in an effort to not only encourage people to stay at home, but also to do some good by raising money that will benefit the Korea Legacy Committee’s food banks.

[How To Donate] Participate In Challenge = Donate 1 Lunch Box
Curtis Roach nominated his “homies” Kang Daniel, singer-turned-actress Kim Yun Jee, actress Ki Eun Se, and CIX. Of his nominees, Kim Yun Jee, Kang Daniel, Henry, Cosmic GirlsDayoung already participated — and it was a sight to behold! Most recently, CIX and OnlyOneOf joined in on the fun and we’re so glad they did!

CIX’s video was cute and felt like the kind of video you film with your best friends for funsies, except in this case your best friends are all insanely good looking K-Pop idols! CIX has since challenged ATEEZ, and you can bet we’re looking forward to seeing their take on the challenge!

@cix_officialThank you @curtisroach for nominating us. We also challenge @ateez_official_ to help continue this meaningful campaign!##BoredInTheHouse ##CIX♬ BORED IN THE HOUSE – Curtis Roach

As for OnlyOneOf…? Their video was a charming compilation of watching SpongeBob (because who doesn’t love SpongeBob?), snacking, stuffed animal tea party, a house party (woo~!), and flexing their artistic muscles. They nominated Kim Dong Jun for the challenge.


@onlyoneofofficialThanks to @iamyunjeekim for inviting us to the ##boredinthehouse challenge🙏 @kimdongjun_official and all our fans: You guys are next🧡 ##OnlyOneOf ##fyp♬ Bored in the House – Jeremy

Aren’t these videos super fun? If you want to see more, be sure to tag your favorite idols and artists in the challenge on TikTok!