CIX’s Bae Jinyoung And Kim Jaehwan Finally Had A Wanna One Reunion And It Was Heartwarming

Their friendship was just like it was back in Wanna One

Wanna One may have officially concluded their group activities at the start of 2019 with a final concert, but the friendships have proven that they will last for a long time.

Fortunately, while the members have moved on to promoting their solo careers or with their new groups, there have been many opportunities for them to catch up.

At the 2019 Pohang K-Pop Concert, both Kim Jaehwan and Bae Jinyoung with his group CIX were unveiled as part of the lineup.

Jaehwan and Jinyoung were one of the many friendships in Wanna One with Jaehwan acting as the playful hyung to Jinyoung’s fun-spirited nature.

Many fans had been anticipating the pair to interact, and they did just that, expressing their happiness at seeing each other.

During the encore stage, Jinyoung came up to Jaehwan to give him a hug, to which Jaehwan happily responded.

The two were seen close to each other, with Jinyoung wrapping his arm around Jaehwan and both smiling at seeing each other again.

Knowing that many fans were anticipating their reunion, they also managed to do a heart to commemorate their unbreakable brotherhood.

Jinyoung was also seen introducing Jaehwan to his fellow group members in CIX.

Seunghun was seen asking Jinyoung if he could introduce him to Jaehwan, to which Jinyoung signalled to Jaehwan, allowing for the two to greet each other.

Throughout the final stage, both Jinyoung and Jaehwan were seen chatting happily to each other and laughing.

It is lovely to see that despite how busy the pair of them are, that they are still such great companions whenever they reunite.

The friendship between Jinyoung and Jaehwan is just like it was when they were in Wanna One together.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to see more interactions between the two as they continue to support each other in their activities.

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