Chaebol CJ Group’s Lee Jae Hwan Accused Of Sponsoring A Female Celebrity

He denied accusations.

Korean news broadcaster, 8 News, reported on accusations of chaebol Lee Jae Hwan sponsoring a former female idol, A. It was said that A is now a celebrity personality despite her roots as an idol. Lee Jae Hwan is the youngest brother of the CJ Group‘s current president, and he himself is the chairperson of a subsidiary company of the conglomerate.

Screenshots of text message conversations between a CEO for a CG Group subsidiary regarding A were released. In the texts, it is explained that it was arranged for A’s music promotions to be taken care of.

Regarding A, she seems to have more interest in her music distribution rather than her YouTube activities, so I’ve already told our music business department to cooperate with her for the confirmation of her music release and promotions forthcoming.


Text messages between A and Lee Jae Hwan were further released.

  • A: “Mr Chairman, what are you doing? It’s cold so don’t go out!”
  • Lee Jae Hwan: “Thinking of A.”
  • A: “Really? Hehehe.”

A news outlet reached out to Lee Jae Hwan’s representatives about the matter. He denied that he had aided A in any way, but he admitted that one of his subordinates had told him to contact A because she could be of value in the industry.

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Source: Pann and iMBC