TOO Caught Between Management Dispute Over The Group

The group’s management is still up in the air but is said to be resolved as soon as possible.

TOO, a rookie group from last year, was created by CJ ENM subsidiary Stone Music Entertainment and n.CH Entertainment on a survival TV show World Klass. Originally, n.CH Entertainment was in charge of managing the group, however earlier today, CJ ENM abruptly requested for them to halt all management involving TOO and to terminate their management contract.

The contract for TOO is with CJ ENM. All of the rights to TOO belong to us, we only entrusted n.CH Entertainment with some of the tasks, management and PR activities. The management contract was agreed to last until August, and it has ended. After three months of additional consultation, we failed to reach an agreement, so the contract was terminated. All steps of the contract were carried out normally. It was an agency contract and not a joint management contract.


| Stone Music

According to several Korean news outlets, the two companies agreed to work together for seven years with n.CH Entertainment handling management and promotions and CJ ENM handling album production and marketing. Reportedly, CJ ENM terminated their contract with n.CH Entertainment due to internal restructuring and asked n.CH Entertainment to withdraw from all matters related to TOO. This delayed TOO’s third album.

We collaborated with CJ ENM to create Mnet’s World Klass and make TOO debut. We planned to work together for the next seven years, so we are shocked that they suddenly changed their mind. This is upsetting, but we love the members, so we offered to manage them for the next two years, even if we do not receive compensation. However, they rejected us. This is a very important time for TOO. They have to release their next album, so it’s a pity that this issue is delaying them.

—n.CH Entertainment

CJ ENM concluded by saying, “As of right now, there is nothing confirmed regarding TOO’s management plans for the future. That decision will wait until this current issue is resolved. We will do our best to take care of this so that TOO can continue promotions.”

Source: Naver 1, Naver 2 and @too_offcl