CJ ENM And TBS Signs Strategic Partnership Agreement To Strengthen Global Network

They hope to create synergy by working together.

CJ ENM recently announced that they would be strengthening its global network through a strategic alliance with TBS Group, one of Japan’s five largest broadcast companies. On June 15, the two companies signed a business agreement for joint production and business corporation regarding global target contents including Japan.

Through this agreement, the two companies will plan, produce, and distribute content such as dramas, movies, entertainment shows, and animations. They will also work together for the co-production of web-toons, comics, offline concert planning, and content format development.

Choi Jin Hee, the director of CJ ENM’s film and drama division stated, “Through this agreement, the two leading content companies in Korea and Japan will bring together their production capabilities to present a variety of content globally.

TBS Group managing director Tatsuo Sugai stated, “TBS Holdings aims to grow through entry and expansion into global markets. Through this agreement, we expect to create synergy in producing new global content.”

Source: sports khan