CJ Group Heir Caught Using And Smuggling Drugs, Preferential Treatment Suspected

They found it all in the CEO’s son’s luggage.

The twenty-nine year old son of the CJ Entertainment CEO, Lee Sun Ho, was returning from California when he was flagged by customs authorities during screening at Incheon International Airport.

He is suspected of smuggling more than 50 items containing the illegal substance marijuana, such as e-cigarettes and candy, in his luggage from the United States.

He also tested positive during a urine test for the illegal substance. With this evidence, Sun Ho admitted to all the charges. So, prosecutors booked him for illegal possession and usage.

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But, preferential treatment has been suspected because he was allowed to return home following the incident.

Others who have been apprehended for the same charges have typically been physically detained, unlike Sun Ho who had been given the freedom to leave following their investigation.

Source: TheKoreaTimes and Korea JoongAng Daily