CL’s Iconic 2021 Met Gala Look Was Actually A Last-Minute Decision—Here’s How It Changed

The iconic hanbok design was actually not the original one!

CL recently talked about her 2021 Met Gala dress, and shares that the iconic design was actually decided on at the very last minute!

CL | @chaelincl/Instagram

CL recently sat down for an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, where she talked about 2NE1‘s iconic fashion during their early days that instantly set them apart, her own fashion preferances, and more!

| @chaelincl/Instagram

The topic soon shifted to her gorgeous Met Gala dress, which was designed by Alexander Wang. At the 2021 Met, CL wore a denim dress that was reminiscent of a hanbok, and while she received tons of praise for the dress, she reveals that the original design was actually a kind of cape, and they modified at the last minute!

We changed the outfit last minute! When we got there, it was a completely different, like “cape.” We did the fitting and that was done. But then we thought, How can we meld in Korean culture?

He saw it in a dream, and he just made it happen in a day. It was very special.


And we’re sure glad it worked out that way, because CL KILLED it at the Met Gala!

| @chaelincl/Instagram
Source: Harper's Bazaar