Fans Can’t Get Over CL’s Iconic Appearance On FXX’s “Dave,” And Neither Can We

“CL acting as herself is always a vibe.”

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The multitalented superstar CL has finally returned to acting!

CL with the cast of Dave | @chaelinCL/Twitter

The rapper and singer-songwriter has made an appearance as herself on American rapper and comedian Lil Dicky‘s FXX TV series Dave. In the comedy series, he plays a fictionalized version of himself.

This marks CL’s first acting role since her cameo in the 2018 American action thriller Mile 22, in which she portrayed Queen. Fans have been eagerly anticipating her return to acting.

From left: John Malkovich and CL in Mile 2 | STX Entertainment

In the first episode of Dave‘s second season, which premiered on June 16, CL, playing herself, is scheduled to collaborate on a song titled “I Just Woke Up in Korea” with aspiring rapper Dave (Lil Dicky) while he is in Korea. Things start to not go so smoothly when it appears that CL might be late for their music video shoot and that the whole project might actually be insensitive in regards to both K-Pop and race.

From left: CL and Lil Dicky in Dave | @DaveOnFXX/Twitter

While that’s only the first half of the premiere, and the second half finds Dave in LA with even more celebrity cameos, such as Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, and Kyle Kuzma, CL is all everyone online can talk about. Part of the episode actually involves the main characters searching for CL when they think she is late for the music video shoot (time difference issues), so she is not in it very much, unfortunately. However, she definitely stole the show when she did make her appearance.

| Twitter

Since the episode aired, fans haven’t been able to get enough. Now, we’re all hoping CL will continue to have more acting roles.

  • “We missed CL, the actress!”
  • “you nailed it Chaerin !!! we need more of [Actress] CL and we are proud of you”
  • “the most iconic thing ever”
  • “CL acting as herself is always a vibe”

Without a doubt, we can say CL’s acting in Dave was iconic.

For more of CL’s appearance in Dave, check out the video below:


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