CL Answers 73 Personal Questions From Vogue, In Under 7 Minutes

All with a little bit of sass and a whole lot of humor!

After impressing everyone with her awesome Olympic closing ceremony performance, CL answered some rapid-fire questions from Vogue.


The questions ranged from her inspirations to her favorite colors and she answered all of them with a big smile and a whole lot of personality.


She first answered questions about her must-have beauty products and favorite lipstick colors.

She can’t live without eyeliner and she prefers dark red lips!


Then they moved on to some of our most burning questions, like if she once performed with a parrot on her shoulder and how many cats she has.

CL did perform with a parrot on her shoulder once. She also has 3 cats named Pudding, Doughnut, and Snowball White.


She showed how much she loves her family when she said she would like to have coffee with her grandma. She also passes on some great advice!


And she can’t help but mention the Olympics when asked about her most memorable performance.

Performing for the whole world to see would definitely be memorable!


She also showed off some of her impressive dance moves.

She calls it the rolling dab and she invented it herself!


Finally, CL proved to be one of the coolest K-Pop stars when she showed her love for her fans at the end of the interview!


Check out all of her answers and fall in love with CL all over again below!

Source: Vogue