CL Apologizes To Comedian Jo Se Ho For Her Drunk Behavior At Taeyang’s Wedding

“I was so nervous that I drank two glasses of champagne…”

Legendary CL is slated to be a guest on the May 25 episode of You Quiz On The Block, and a specific interaction with one of the hosts has everyone talking.

CL | @chaelincl/Instagram

In a preview for the episode, CL revealed how she made her first acquaintance with comedian Jo Se Ho. CL started off by first confessing that she owed him an apology.

I wasn’t going to talk about this because it is so embarrassing, but I want to make an apology.

— CL

CL on You Quiz On The Block | tVN

CL stated she was not in the best condition at the wedding and was nervous that she would have to sing.

On that day I wore a black suit and a green fur coat. Entering the church, I tripped over the fur and fell. They rushed me in, and I wasn’t able to concentrate on the wedding. Leading up to me singing, everyone was asking if I was alright and why I wore the fur jacket.

— CL

Yoo Jae Suk (left) CL (middle) Jo Se Ho (right) | tVN

Due to her nerves, the artist confessed she had drank two glasses of champagne, and when she saw Jo Se Ho, she couldn’t contain her ‘excitement.’

I was so nervous that I drank two glasses of champagne on an empty stomach. When Dara unnie went to greet Jo Se Ho because she knew him, I was already drunk, and as soon as I saw him, I pinched his cheeks. I was too up.

— CL 

CL then apologized to the comedian and stated she was too embarrassed to look at him. Jo Se Ho then stated that the incident surprised G-Dragon as well.

What’s funny is, seeing this, GD asked if we knew each other. But when I told him, we had just met GD yelled, ‘CL, what are you doing?’

— Jo Se Ho

Dara (left) CL (above) Jo Se Ho (middle) and Yoo Byung Jae (right) | tVN

CL remembered this as well, saying she was then soon dragged away. Now that they’ve broken the ice, here’s to a closer friendship between the two!

See this hilarious exchange between CL and Jo Se Ho in the link below!

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