CL apologizes for using controversial verse on “MTBD” performance

CL issued a personal apology in response for using a Quran version in her recent performance of “MTBD.” 

It has been two years since CL received a formal complaint from the Korea Muslim Federation for using a scripture of the Quran on her solo track, “MTBD.” Although CL and YG Entertainment had taken out the controversial part of her track during her promotions, some fans were angry at the unedited track being performed in her concert in the United States.

Fans demanded an explanation about the controversial part of the track by requesting for her statement on social networking sites such as Twitter and Instagram.

On  November 7th, CL explained that the engineer sent the old version of the track for the tour and took full responsibility for her failure to notice. It was not CL’s intention to use the old version and apologized for the mistake. She closed her statement by saying, “I have changed it back to the new version last night and told him (engineer) to delete the old version completely and forever.” 

The controversial part of the track received a formal complaint back in 2014 as it was deemed blasphemous for the scripture to be used in any form of entertainment. YG Entertainment removed the controversial part of the track and used a modified version since then. 

Meanwhile, CL continues to promote in the United States with her concert tour, Hello Bitches.