CL Dishes On Her Upcoming Album “ALPHA” And It’s Release Date

“I want to release it sometime in…”

K-Pop icon CL recently met with W Korea Magazine for an eye-catching pictorial and intriguing interview!

The interview started off with W Korea and CL catching up at it had been 8 years since the two had last worked together. Upon hearing this information, CL commented, “Wow, that’s such a long time ago!” Since it had been a while since catching up, CL was asked, “Can you boldly summarise the last few years?” CL replied that a lot has happened, including working on her upcoming album ALPHA.

Wow. Even if I attempt to be bold about it, a lot of things have happened (laughs). Where should I even begin and how do I make this bold?

— CL

CL decided to start on the creation of ALPHA and discussed how its initial release date had to be postponed.

Most recently, I’ve been in the midst of wrapping up my album. I also created the team ‘Very Cherry.’ With my original plan, this album should’ve come out at the end of November 2020, but after starting the work, there were a lot of things I needed to experience in order to learn.

— CL

Furthermore, CL labeled this album as a transition from “2NE1’s CL” to the current CL. Overall, CL claimed ALPHA is a new starting point in her life as an artist.

As for the album’s visual concept, CL revealed she plans to have it be similar to her pictorial with W Korea.

In the flashy aspect, it will be similar (to the W Korea photoshoot). Since ‘ALPHA’ is my first-full-length album, I would like for it to be a chance to stamp out the most CL-ish identity.

— CL

CL continued and revealed that while making her previous release, In the Name of Love, she dedicated the album to the all CLs of the world as it represented a courageous alter ego of hers.

CL is an alter ego for me. The concept began ever since I first appeared in front of the world in 2008 at an end-of-year award show performance alongside the YG Family. That’s why starting can be scary for anyone. I think that CL is ‘courage.’ Having the ability to admit that I’m scared but still continue forward and encounter changes are both big and small forms of courage. If there are people who listen to my music and resonate, I want to support them and tell them that we should have courage.

— CL

CL is definitely owning the concept of courage as she explained she chose to call her album ALPHA for the meaning “Alpha Female” or
“The beginning” and plans to release it in the summer.

After working with a team I created on my own, there were a lot of new things I learned and discovered. I want to release it sometime in the summer.

— CL