CL Shocks Everyone With Her Recent Weight Gain

But everyone was supportive of her despite the change in her appearance.

CL has shocked netizens with her recent weight gain.


CL has frequently shown off her amazingly toned body in the past.

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Therefore, it came across as quite a shock when she appeared at the airport, having gained a little weight.



The world star appeared at the Incheon Airport on August 3, 2018.


She was reportedly on her way to Singapore for the MTV Spotlight @ Hyperplay.


While many netizens were generally understanding of the idol despite the shock…

  • “What’s the big deal.”
  • “She’s not doing promotions right now so it’s understandable!”
  • “Everyone experiences good times and bad times.”
  • “It’s okay to gain some weight. If she feels uncomfortable, she can lose it. No need for anyone to get in their business.”


Some were worried that she may be under too much stress.

  • “She must be under too much stress…asking YG when her album will be coming out…I heard she’s basically living alone abroad…She doesn’t like places with a lot of people and is extremely cautious in case she might make a mistake…I feel so bad for her…maybe she relieved her stress by eating…I hope she cheers up!”
  • “She must have been very stressed…please cheer up!”
  • “We patiently await your comeback so please don’t be stressed 🙂 Our Chaelin still looks cute with a little more weight on her!”
  • “Rather than coming as a shock, this is somehow making me feel worried that she may be going through a very difficult time…”


But most netizens didn’t care about her appearance and expressed that CL will be awesome no matter how she looks!

  • “She’s probably going through a difficult time being alone and is probably under a lot of stress…It’s understandable that she gained weight. It’s not even to the point of shocking anyway…Why do people think celebrities have to be thin? Do they have to judge them by their looks? What more could you ask from a singer than good songs?”
  • “She’s not a model so who cares if she gains weight or not. It seemed like she was having a dispute with her agency’s president so she was probably stressed. Moving on.”
  • “Who cares if she gained or not. She’s still beautiful and was a person who used to take much better care of herself than any of you so she can lose it back whenever she wants.”
  • “Who cares? She can just lose it back. Foreign celebrities gain and lose weight like rubber.”
  • “She looks amazing!”
Source: Ilgan Sports and Naver