CL Opens Up About The Pressure She Faced To Get Double-Eyelid Surgery

This is how she dealt with it.

In an interview with Allure, CL opened up about how the pressure she felt to conform to beauty standards in the past, and how she deals with it.

In one portion of the interview, CL talked about her start in the K-Pop industry at 15 as a YG Entertainment trainee and when she debuted with 2NE1, recalling the amount of pressure put on her to change her appearance to fit the beauty standard. Although she didn’t go into the detail, she brought up how she was told that she needed to get double-eyelid surgery but refused, because she liked her monolids and didn’t want to listen to “unsolicited image advice”.

It was a thing back then, where everyone got double eyelids. That was the beauty trend. I even want to say I was sad and angry. I was like, ‘What the f*ck? Why are all these people telling me how I should look? How do I digest this?

–CL to Allure.

However, CL was determined to fight against the pressure. She made a name for herself by staying true to her own morals and her perception of beauty, believing that beauty is a personal thing and that no one should be pressured to look a certain way. Now, she is known and loved for her monolids!

You really got to tell yourself, ‘You are beautiful the way you are. If you want to go work out or put a bunch of makeup on or do full-body plastic surgery, it’s up to you. And I make sure I constantly remind myself of that.

–CL to Allure

Source: Allure