[★TRENDING] CL Sends Her Last Message As 2NE1 To Blackjacks Around The World

In an exclusive interview, CL talks about 2NE1‘s disbandment, her US debut and future plans to release music, and leaves a message to Blackjacks around the world.

The 3-part interview came out on January 21 where she reveals new information to fans about the disbandment, saying:

“I was unable to properly say goodbye to the fans when the article of 2NE1’s disbandment came out last year. I was really sad that it had to end like that, but CEO Yang Hyun Suk gave us the chance to meet our fans one last time. It’s really sad, I’ve known the members for a very long time now. We’ve made so many memories together and I’m going to miss them. Minzy left because she has her own dreams. I know she had her own reasons, but I hope she succeeds in whatever she does. I still sometimes don’t realize we’ve disbanded. – CL

She continued on to talk about their final song “Goodbye”:

It was a song I wrote a while ago. When Minzy left, the 3 of us (CL, Bom, Dara) were preparing a new album. The song was like a letter to Minzy at that time. All of the songs for the album were ready, but we only recorded “Goodbye”. The music video showed lots of past memories of us. The lyrics of “Goodbye” came to me when I came back to Korea to prepare for 2NE1’s promotions again after a long break. The lyrics just came to me, and I cried right after. –CL

She even spoke about her promotions in the United States, where fans are eagerly awaiting her debut album.

I’ve been preparing my English solo album for 2 years now. It’s really difficult going to the US alone. I felt like a trainee again during these past 2 years that I’ve been working on this album. I’m a rookie in America. I’ve been learning how to make an album and how to communicate with the American public. I released “Hello Bitches” and “Lifted” but those were not part of my formal debut. I hope to make that debut this year and release a good album. The members always supported my US debut. Sandara Park was my biggest fan. She even came to New York to monitor my performances.- CL

She also spoke about the idea of a reunion in the future, saying:

Yang Hyun Suk said that 2NE1 could reunite in the future like S.E.S did. Of course I think we could do that. The four of us would have to be up to do so first, and the timing and place must be right. It would be nice to have that day come. If fans want to see us perform “Fire” again in 20 years, we’ll have to manage our health well. Our music is hard to sing and our dances are fierce, so we would have to prepare well.- CL

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On thoughts of a Korean album CL revealed:

I would like to meet my Korean fans as soon as possible. If I have the chance, I want to work hard in both Korea and the US. I don’t think I will only promote in the US, but right now I have not released an album there so I will focus on that first before returning to Korea. I have taken a lot of pictures the past 2 years to try and communicate more with my Korean fans, so I will try to continue doing that.-CL

Finally, she addressed 2NE1’s fanclub, Blackjacks:

I want to let you all know that 2NE1 will not vanish. Each of the members will still be active, and I really appreciate all of the fans who have supported me so far. I am really thankful for the past 7 years. The fans helped create so many memories for the members. I hope each of you gives that same amount of love and interest to the members who will be moving on to their solo activities. The fact that we are 2NE1 will not change. I hope to give only good news for the next 20 years, and we will all work very hard. -CL

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