Clara addresses latest rumors that she is preparing a comeback

Actress and singer Clara Lee has released a statement denying the latest rumors that have surfaced about her.

Following rumors that she was preparing a comeback in the entertainment industry, representatives told TV Report over the phone on April 3rd that she has no plans of making a comeback and is only focusing on her lawsuit.

The official continues, “The rumor that she has finished recording is false. Please refrain from making conjectures.”

In the past few days, one media portal reported that Clara was currently preparing for her comeback, and has been meeting with several managements to help in her preparations as well.

Currently, Clara is in the middle of a lawsuit against Polaris Entertainment since December to terminate her exclusive contract with the agency, citing sexual harassment from the CEO Lee Gyu Tae at the time. The two sides continue to battle for a win, with the latest update being a recording between Lee Gyu Tae and Clara where he allegedly threatens her.

Source: TV Report